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The Rowans AP Academy

Inspiring change for a brighter future


GCSE Business is a brand new course being run for the first time ever at the Rowans. 

This is a practical course, using real businesses as examples and students learn skills to help in decision-making. They will be able to understand the business world in which they will enter after finishing school. Students will be able to make informed decisions and put forward arguments to persuade others. The skills learned such as evaluation and problem-solving will be useful across the curriculum. Business can lead on to many vocational qualifications and is a good stepping stone for A-Level subjects, especially economics, accountancy and business.

The course is split up into two main sections:

  •      Business activity, marketing and people
  •      Operations, finance and influences on business

In section 1, students are introduced to business concepts and issues concerning the activities of a business. They explore the purpose and role of a business from spotting an opportunity through to the growth of an established business. They also look at the role of marketing and human resources.

In section 2, students take a closer look at the role of operations and finance in business activity. Operations include production processes, quality of goods and services, customer service, and working with suppliers. Finance covers its role, its sources, costs, profit and loss, cash and cash flow. They also explore how business responds to external influences, such as ethical and environmental considerations, the economic climate and globalisation, and the interdependent nature of business.

How it is assessed:

There are two exams at the end of the course. Each exam is 90 minutes long. There is no controlled assessment. This qualification is all exam based. Some questions will be multiple choice; some will be extended writing to test your ability to explain why you made a particular choice.

Department Staff:

  • Miss Harris
  • Mrs Toghill