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The Rowans AP Academy

Inspiring change for a brighter future


Computing at the Rowans has updated in line with changes to the national curriculum and the needs of modern business. The curriculum is divided into three parts: Digital Literacy, Computer Science and Information Technology. In covering each of these pupils at the Rowans learn to use and understand a range of software and the correct application of computing technologies.

Throughout Key Stage 3 pupils enjoy learning how to code and create their own programs, including computer games, using visual programming software such as Kodu. They learn to program their own miniature computers such as Microbits and Raspberry Pi to complete a variety of tasks. In addition to programming languages pupils also learn HTML, the language that codes websites, and apply this to create their own app projects and websites.

In Key Stage 3 pupils get hands on and dismantle various computing devices, studying their individual components to see how they really work and then how these devices connect together in networks. We reinforce how pupils can become more responsible users of computers by recognising online threats and how to report them – vital in the modern world of social media.

Throughout Key Stage 3 desktop publishing is integrated into the curriculum preparing pupils for the technological demands in producing assignments later in their education and in the world of work with pupils learning to create databases, presentations and professional letters. 

Across the entire school computing technology is being utilised, with a range of technology available for pupils and staff to encourage pupils to become fluent in the use of technologies used in life after school. IPads, laptops, interactive whiteboards and programmable Lego robots are just a few of the technologies used in lessons and in extracurricular activities at The Rowans.