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The Rowans AP Academy

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Head Boy and Head Girl Comments

The role of Head Girl is important at The Rowans, it brings with it prominent responsibility and the expectation that the elected pupil is a role model for her peers. Demi was elected as Head Girl in September 2017.  In her speech she stated her reasons for wanting the position:

"I believe I should be Head Girl because I feel that I can help other children when they need it.

Since joining The Rowans I have learnt that there are certain qualities that a pupil needs to succeed.  Two of the most important qualities are being kind and being hard working.  I feel that I have both these qualities and hope that I am able to show some of our younger students that if they put their mind to something they can succeed.  I am also a good role to the other pupils because I am hard working and enjoy being at school.  I have a lot of respect for the teachers and all of the hard work and time they put in to support us during out time at The Rowans.

I feel that I get along well with all the pupils and that I am approachable should anyone need help or a listening ear.  I have a positive relationship with the staff too so I am an ideal Head Girl as I can form a vital link between staff and pupils.

I know I will take the responsibility of Head Girl seriously, it would be an absolute honour to represent my school and I shall do it to the best of my ability."

The role of Head Boy is important at The Rowans, it brings with it prominent responsibility and an expectation that the elected pupil is a role model for his peers and an ambassador for the school.  The leadership qualities that are sought for this position are: politeness, maturity, reliability, humility and leadership skills.  Jack was elected as Head boy, against some tough opposition, in September 2017.  In his speech Jack stated his reasons for wanting the position:

"Since I joined The Rowans in October 2015 I have worked hard to change my behaviour and attitude to learning.  I realise that I need to take all the opportunities offered to me to gain qualifications in readiness for my future.  The Rowans have supported me through tough times and have always been here for me, offering me a second chance. 

There are a number of reasons that I would like to be Head Boy:

  • I am a good role model for my peers and younger students at the school look up to me
  • If pupils need help or want help they can come to me for advice and guidance
  • I am approachable, kind and understanding
  • In every lesson I work to the best of my ability
  • I enjoy representing the school in sports competitions

I would love to be Head Boy to give something back to The Rowans staff, who have always help guide me in the right direction.  I know I would be a successful and proud Head Boy, ensuring that I work to the best of my ability whilst encouraging others to do the same."