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The sociology curriculum uses a combination of traditional and contemporary topics that enables learners to develop and demonstrate applied sociological research skills. Throughout the year, the pupils will study three compulsory units.

Unit 1 aims to give pupils a basic introduction to the key methodologies and concepts. Pupils will be encouraged to develop a critical understanding of sociological evidence and research processes. This includes knowledge of the main methods and stages of sociological research. On top of this, they will look at the basic key concepts and start to make links between the individual and society, looking particularly at ideas of culture, socialisation and identity. Pupils will look at 5 different areas:


  • Investigating society
  • Collecting and using information as evidence
  • Culture
  • Socialisation
  • Identity

Unit 2 offers a choice of substantive topics through which themes of socialisation, culture, identity, power and control are developed. It builds on what was developed in Unit 1. Pupils will look at the following three topics:

  • Sociology of the family (households, marriage, nuclear family, divorce, cohabitation, conjugal roles)
  • Sociology of education (identity, socialisation, segregation, formal and hidden curriculum, selecting, streaming, Ofsted, self-fulfilling prophecies, subculture)
  • Sociology of crime and deviance (crime, delinquency, norms, conformity, statistics, victim surveys, peer-group pressure, labelling)

Unit 3 is based on knowledge gained in Unit 1, with reference to sociological research. Pupils will be provided with pre-released material, which will take the form of two investigations, both focusing on the same topic. Students for 2017 entry will explore the topic of family. They will also look at:


  • Primary and secondary sources
  • Hypotheses
  • Quantitative and qualitative data
  • Ethical issues


This is an exam-based course only; there will be no coursework. There are three exams for the pupils to complete:

  • Unit 1 which is 1 hour long and worth 25% of the overall grade
  • Unit 2 which is 90 minutes long and worth 50% of the overall grade
  • Unit 3 which is 1 hour long and worth 25% of the overall grade

Department Staff:

  • Subject Teacher: Miss Harris