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GCSE Statistics is now being offered as an option or as an after school club on Tuesdays 3pm-4pm.

During the course students are introduced to the skills of statistical enquiry, and practice the underpinning statistical calculations and interpretation using real world data and authentic contexts. This approach supports skills development for progression to a range of subjects and develops an awareness of statistics beyond the classroom.

GCSE Statistics follows the order of the Statistical Enquiry Cycle, during that time pupils will have the opportunity to carry out practical investigations ensuring pupils have a good understanding of different approaches and that statistical conclusions are developed through an iterative process of testing and refinement.

The specification encourages pupils to develop statistical fluency and understanding through;

  • Using statistical techniques in a variety of authentic investigations, using real world data in contexts such as, but not limited to, populations, climate, sales etc.
  • Identifying trends through carrying out appropriate calculations and data visualisation techniques
  • Critically evaluating data, calculations and evaluations that would be commonly encountered in their studies and in everyday life
  • Understanding how technology has enabled the collection, visualisation and analysis of large quantities of data to inform decision-making processes in public, commercial and academic sectors

The course is made up of three topics following the Statistical Enquiry Cycle.

  • The Collection of Data
  • Processing, representing and analysing data
  • Probability

How it is assessed

The qualification is comprised of two papers of equal size and weighting with questions being based upon statistical methods, familiar and unfamiliar contexts and the component parts of the statistical enquiry cycle. Each exam is 90 minutes long and has a range of short, medium and extended response questions. There is no coursework for this qualification, it is an exam based course.

Department Staff

  • Miss King