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GCSE Art visit the Turner Contemporary Gallery

Miss Ravate and the GCSE art group get creative in Margate for the day!

On Friday 13th November, year 10 and 11 pupils when to Margate to visit The Turner Contemporary. While we were there, pupils had the opportunity to have a guided tour of the ‘Risk’ exhibition. They experienced how artists embraced the unpredictable and uncontrollable, from chance procedures to political risk; from the power of natural forces to risk management.
After the guided tour, we took part in a creative workshop led by a navigator. We took it in turns to write down three fears. Some of them included spiders (Connie), death and even childbirth (Miss Ravate!) We were all asked to choose one fear and decorate a white suit to represent this fear. We had lots of fun fighting over the materials at the arts and craft table and came up with some interesting ideas. Rhys’ fear was especially funny- No WIFI and Jordan made a superhero suit to protect him for a fear of heights!
After getting creative we treated ourselves to lunch and some fun and games in the arcade along the seafront. All the pupils on the trip were well behaved and worked very hard during the workshop. They were great ambassadors for The Rowans and I look forward to our next trip! London here we come!