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The Rowans AP Academy

Inspiring change for a brighter future

Rowans House System

The Rowans now has a house point system. The aim of the new system is for pupils’ to become enthusiastic and proud to represent their houses, by celebrating their success and competing in healthy competition.

Unlike before points will be awarded, pupils’ have the chance to gain points each day which add to their house total. The house system in moving away from just sporting activities and taking a whole school approach. At the end of the year, one house will be victorious and be crowned house champions.  

House points:

Bonus points that were previously awarded on pupils’ day sheets will now become house points. Pupils can gain a house point during a lesson for, excellent work, outstanding effort, helping others or any other reason to celebrate success.

Points awarded will all contribute towards the overall house total. Below is the scoring system

  • House point = 1 point
  • Postcard home = 2 house points
  • Inter-house win = 50 points, 2nd = 30, 3rd = 20, 4th = 10 
  • Student of the week = 3 house points

Celebration of success:

At the end of each full term houses will meet to celebrate their success.

During the first couple of weeks there will be house assemblies in the morning to explain the new structure to pupils.

The Rowans Houses:


Head of house Mrs Martin
House captain Connie P
House motto Respect all, fear none.
Team colour Blue



Head of house Mr Wallis
House captain Tommy R
House motto Winning is habit, success is choice.
Team colour Yellow


Head of house Mr Taylor
House captain John S
House motto Winners don't wait for chances, they take them.
Team colour Red


Head of house Mr Nolan
House captain Reece C
House motto The true champion believes in the impossible. 
Team colour Green