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The Rowans AP Academy

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Bonkers for Conkers

On a sunny Friday afternoon, once lunch had been eaten an alternative activity is in order.

Football is a regular event with pupils and teachers joining in the fun but today was to be different.

With the assistance of the Headteacher and Mrs Gale, Mr Wallis had collected and prepared some conkers. Holes had been drilled and the strings were attached as our lunchtime meals and snacks came to an end.

Potential equipment and opponents were assessed and chosen. People paired up and then it was finally time for the battle to commence.

Laughter rang out as war cries and game faces exploded from pupils and staff. Most hit their own elbows as the conkers travelled through an arc and finally landed having completely missed their target.

The event was an audible success with the Headteacher taking victory. Although this was an unexpected outcome all agreed that it had been fun.

Many will recall the afternoon that The Rowans went #BonkersForConkers with affection….. and sore elbows!!