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Characteristics of a highly effective Teaching Assistant at The Rowans

What does highly effective ‘Rowanised’ learning support look like?

The role of a teaching assistant at The Rowans is to work alongside teachers to raise the learning and attainment of pupils whilst also promoting their independence, self-esteem and social inclusion.  In addition, a teaching assistant will assist pupils to access the curriculum, participate in learning and support them to make better choices around their behaviour and attitude to learning.

At The Rowans teaching assistants are an integral part of the school and play a crucial part in the success of the pupils.  They often offer holistic support to a pupil pupil outside of the classroom setting.  They build positive, professional relationships with the pupils and their parents and give pupils the best chances of academic and personal success.

Personal and professional conduct

A Rowans teaching assistant should…

  • have proper and professional regard for the ethos, policies and practices of the school.
  • demonstrate positive attitudes, values and behaviours to develop and sustain effective relationships within the school community.
  • have a clear understanding of the need to safeguard pupils’ well-being by following relevant statutory guidance and school’s policies.
  • uphold Fundamental British Values
  • commit to improve their own practice by taking an active interest in their own professional development

Knowledge and Understanding

A Rowans teaching assistant is expected to…

  • acquire at least a level 2 qualification in Maths and English
  • demonstrate expertise and skills in understanding the needs of all pupils and know how to adapt and deliver support to meet individual pupil needs.
  • demonstrate a level of subject and curriculum knowledge in designated curriculum areas and apply this effectively to support learning

Teaching and learning

A Rowans teaching assistant is expected to…

  • give teaching and learning the highest priority and develop relevant strategies to support the work of the teacher
  • promote inclusion by encouraging participation of all pupils in learning and extra-curricular activities
  • use effective behaviour management strategies consistently in line with the school’s policies
  • communicate effectively and sensitively with pupils to adapt to their needs and support their learning
  • maintain a stimulating and safe learning environment by organising and managing physical teaching space and resources

Working with others

A Rowans teaching assistant is expected to…

  • Recognise and respect the role and contribution of other professionals, parents and carers by liaising effectively and working in partnership with them.
  • Understand their role in order to be able to work collaboratively with classroom teachers and other colleagues.
  • Communicate their knowledge and understanding of pupils to other school staff and professionals, so that informed decision making can take place on intervention and provision.