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Common Acronyms Used in Safeguarding

Acronym Meaning
A&E Accident and Emergency
ABE Achieving Best Evidence (referring to Police and Social Workers interviewing child victims of sexual or physical abuse).
ADHD Attention Deficit and Hyper-Activity Disorder
ARP Access to Resources Panel
ASD Autistic Spectrum Disorder
C&F Assessment Child and Family Assessment
CAFCASS Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service.
CAMHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (No longer used in Kent or Medway).
CIC Child/ren in Care (used in Kent)
CIN Child in Need
CME Child Missing Education
CP Child Protection
CSC Children’s Social Care
CSE Child Sexual Exploitation
DA/ DV Domestic Abuse/Domestic Violence
DASH The Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Harassment Questionnaire (asked by Police to victims to assess level of risk)
EH Early Help
EHA Early Help Assessment
EHCP Education and Health Care Plan
EPO Emergency Protection Order (Sought via Social Worker in the courts)
ESO Education Safeguarding Officer
ICPCC Initial Child Protection Case Conference
IP Inured Party (Victim), used by Police.
IRO Independent Reviewing Officer (reviews the cases of LAC)
KCSIE Keeping Children Safe in Education 
KCYPMHS Kent Children and Young People’s Mental Health Services (not in Medway).
LAC Looked After Child (used in Medway)
LADO Local Area Designated Officer
LPM Legal Planning Meeting
MARAC Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference
MASH Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub
MDAS Medway Domestic Abuse Service
MGF Maternal Grandfather
MGM Maternal Grandmother 
MGP Maternal Grandparent
MISPER Missing Person
MYPWS Medway Young People’s Wellbeing Service (Formerly known as CAMHS)
NELFT North East London Foundation Trust (The NHS Trust responsible for delivering MWYPWS and the equivalent in Kent – KCYPMHS).
NFA No Further Action
NAI Non-Accidental Injury
Non-Mol Non-Molestation Order
NRPF No recourse to public funds.
ODD Oppositional Defiance Disorder
OOH  Out of Hours
PEP  Personal Education Plan (LAC Children).
Perp Perpetrator
PLO Public Law Outline (when a child’s case progresses to the legal arena – the step before court proceedings).
PM Practice Manager (Children’s Social Care Manager)
PP Police Protection (a power held by Police to remove children to a place of safety), mostly used out of hours.
PSO Prohibited Steps Order
RCPCC Review Child Protection Case Conference
RIO Referral and Information Officer (first telephone contact with members of the public who have concerns about children)
s.17 Section 17 Children Act (1989)- relates to children in need in our area.
s.47 Section 47 Children Act (1989) – Children in need of statutory protection.
SARC  Sexual Abuse Resource Centre (Maidstone)
SEN Special Educational Needs
SOPO Sexual Offences Prevention Order
SPA Single Point of Access (Referrals to Social Care received).
STC Secure Training Centre
STRAT Strategy Discussion (S.47 Children Act 1989)
VIT  Vulnerabilities Investigation Team (Kent Police)
WTSC Working Together to Safeguard Children
YOI Young Offenders Institute
YOT Young Offenders Team
YP Young Person