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The Rowans AP Academy

Inspiring change for a brighter future


“It’s about making clear that education is not just about teaching a good set of academic subjects really well. There is something a bit intangible and bigger than that, and it is making sure they recognise that. It’s not about any one thing, it’s about having a range of opportunities so people can discover their talents and interests.”

HM Chief inspector, Amanda Spielman


At The Rowans, we offer a lot more than just academic excellence. We understand and value the importance enrichment has on pupils learning, allowing them to look at subjects in more depth and providing opportunities to explore and use their imaginations, helping to create a love of learning.

At The Rowans education is more than just mastering English and maths. It’s also about providing pupils with ample enrichment experiences and opportunities to develop their interests and talents as well as developing their character, resilience, confidence and cultural awareness. All of which prepare pupils for future success.

Our inclusive enrichment programme ensures all of our pupils have the chance to extend their learning and personal development through new experiences and opportunities. Our wide and exciting enrichment programme provides pupils with opportunities such as horse riding, city visits, museum trips, sporting events, theatre trips, residentials and curriculum trips.

We also offer a broad and inclusive extra-curricular programme, offering pupils the chance to take part in activities after school such as STEM, Boxing, gym, gardening, cooking and art. We have been extremely fortunate to have secured funding for the 2022/2023 academic year, which has enabled us to provide pupils with a qualified boxing coach from Olympia boxing to lead the boxing for all sessions.

Each year we also hold The Rowans enrichment week. This is a week dedicated to providing enrichment opportunities and increasing pupils’ cultural awareness. Pupils have the chance to choose from a range of both onsite and off-site activities each day throughout the week, all of which aim to provide new life experiences. Enrichment week is always hugely popular with both pupils and staff, helping to build positive relationships and long-lasting memories.