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Food and Nutrition

During food lessons we instil a love of cooking in all pupils, learning about food is focused on practical lessons which present pupils with everyday decisions, creativity, innovation and problem solving. With a strong focus and drive to develop independent learners, whilst acquiring a broad range of subject knowledge. 

In Key Stage 3 our students are encouraged to eat healthily, prepare and cook everyday meals on a budget which they can produce for themselves and their families. At the end of each term, pupils design, make and evaluate a final independent creation which incorporates all the skills taught throughout the term. 

The recipes are designed to use seasonal ingredients which introduce the students to a variety of healthy meal options ranging from breakfasts to family meals and desserts. Students will demonstrate food safety and hygiene throughout their practical lessons. Emphasis will be put on the student presenting their dishes to a high standard.

KS4 pupils choose to participate in AQA unit award or AQA GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition. AQA Unit award pupils focus on essential basic skills and methods to equip themselves with the necessary life skills to feed themselves and others post 16. Pupils learn the importance of; budgeting, changing serving sizes, how to reduce food waste, adapting recipes to suit individual need. Alongside making healthy balanced meals. Pupils also have an opportunity to help make school dinner for their peers, and help cater for whole school events. GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition pupils focus on four AO topics

  • AO1: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of nutrition, food, cooking and preparation.
  • AO2: Apply knowledge and understanding of nutrition, food, cooking and preparation.
  • AO3: Plan, prepare, cook and present dishes, combining appropriate techniques.
  • AO4: Analyse and evaluate different aspects of nutrition, food, cooking and preparation including food made by themselves and others.

Pupils complete a Food science investigation, a food preparation task where pupils create a three-course meal four a suitable client and sit a 1 hour and 45-minute exam.

Department Staff:

  • Subject Teacher: Miss Banks