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The Rowans AP Academy

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Maths is an exciting and challenging core subject. At The Rowans, the functional skills for Maths are promoted in every aspect of school life. Maths is ever present and has a place both in the real world and other subject areas. Measurements, units, calculations, communications, statistics, binary all have their place in the constantly changing modern world. 

Each topic studied within the Maths department follows the same structure: it will begin with the new concept being introduced, followed by fluency work; it will then conclude with problem-solving exercises and or/exam questions. This practice will enable all pupils to have a better opportunity to access the new 1-9 GCSE specifications for maths.


Learners in years 7,8 and 9 work towards the latest specifications detailed in the National Curriculum. All aspects of Maths are covered in our KS3 Scheme of Work with pupils investigating numbers, measures, perimeter, area, formulae and fractions, graphs, shapes and angles, sequences, ratio and proportion as well as statistics and probability.

Lessons are dynamic with a focus on the progression of the skills that learners will utilise in their KS4 studies. Preparation for maths in the real world is just as vital as progression to GCSE.


During years 10 & 11, we follow the AQA Scheme of Work. This matches the new 1-9 GCSE specifications while presenting it in a more user friendly format. Learners build upon the success of KS3 and perfect their problem solving skills, the use of formulae and exam technique.



The Maths Team strive to promote numeracy across all aspects of the school. Whole school events have been a successful method that both involve and motivate learners. We have hosted such activities as: Lego House – STEM event; The Rowans Does Countdown; and Mathletics. Fun is paramount to learning and the Maths Team Events enhance the benefits of learning through cooperation, competition and laughter. 


Department Staff:

  • Miss Harris
  • Miss King