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The Rowans AP Academy

Inspiring change for a brighter future

Police Trainee Comments

"My experience at the school was completely different to my initial thoughts. The children exceeded my expectations and were very pleasant both towards me and the staff. I was shocked at the relationships and rapport the staff had with each individual child. I have never been a to school before where there was so much involvement and acknowledgement of each individual's life."

"I have never had any experience in dealing or communicating with a child who has had prior police involvement or has been expelled from numerous school. This benefited me, as if I had not gone to this placement I would not know how to approach a child or how to communicate with them."

"I've learnt how to appropriately interact with vulnerable children, and to never assume that any two children are alike. And I've also learnt how the power of speech can help resolve a multitude of situations and that the act of positive reinforcement can have a massive impact on a child's life."

"The time I spent in lessons with the pupils showed me the importance of communication skills, understanding and patience all the teachers and staff show towards the children. It was clear from speaking to the different children at The Rowans that they enjoyed being at the school and they found it a better environment to learn in as the teachers understand their needs more than a mainstream school. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent at The Rowans and have learnt a lot. I think all teachers and staff do an amazing job at supporting and assisting the needs of each pupil and I have seen that they go above and beyond to help the children."