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The Rowans AP Academy

Inspiring change for a brighter future

Primary AP

Inspiring Change Primary Support Service

Kindness Commitment Resilience

We are so proud of our school and pleased to be offering support and education to Primary aged children.  Building on our strong ethos and trauma informed approach, we will build positive relationships and focus on our core values of kindness, commitment and resilience, to give all pupils the opportunity to re-engage with education.

We know young people struggle at points in their lives and we are here to help.

We will support schools, children and their families to overcome some of the barriers and challenges that they may face, re-ignite a love of learning, where it is hidden or lost and for children to make progress and thrive.

The Beeches Primary Alternative Provision has been approved and we are very nearly at the construction stage, it is fair to say that we have experienced challenges during the process so far and I am certain there will be more to overcome.  In the meantime, we have worked closely with Primary Headteachers and been supported by the Local Authority to devise a primary support service, which can bridge the much-needed gap of support between now and the opening of the Beeches.  

I am pleased to introduce this service to you.  The main aim of the Inspiring Change Primary Support Service is to support pupils to successfully access learning in a mainstream setting with their peers.  This support could either be outreach support for the pupil, the school or the family or a short period of time at the Inspiring change primary support provision.  

For pupils who need support outside of their home school, they will attend the IC Primary support service, situated at the learning centre, adjacent to Mierscourt Primary School.  The premises have been adapted to ensure a safe and purposeful learning environment, the building, garden and surrounding areas are completely separate and self-contained.

We will aim to:

  • To improve their educational attainment within a safe, caring and healthy environment.
  • To acquire the skills, self-esteem and experience that they will need for their own future development.
  • To be empowered to gain an understanding of who they are, how to regulate their emotions and seek support appropriately when needed.
  • To meet three agreed targets in order to return to their mainstream school.
  • To be prepared for the wider outside world, so that they can relate confidently to others and have the necessary skills and resilience to succeed, playing a positive role in their school and local communities.

We are confident that working together in partnership with Medway schools, we can provide a service that will provide intensive support enabling children to access education, regulate their emotions and make progress academically and personally, whilst at the same time supporting teachers and school staff.  We are confident that we can work together to offer support for all.