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The Rowans AP Academy

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Primary Outreach

This service offers personalised outreach support for pupils and schools experiencing challenges who need a greater level of support and guidance at a point in time.

The aim of the outreach service offered by ICMAT to local primary schools is to enable the pupil to thrive in their mainstream setting, with effective adaptations made in response to recommendations by outreach staff.  There is a dedicated core staff; a highly experienced SENCO, and highly skilled outreach practitioners, all supported by extensive and specialist expertise from The Rowans AP Academy.

There are many underlying needs that pupils express through challenging behaviours, there are an increasing number of pupils who are unable to regulate their emotions and who lack emotional resilience.  Challenging behaviours pose significant challenges for schools - disrupting the learning of others, pupils being in emotional distress, anxiety and unhappiness, lack of academic progress and access to the curriculum has a negative impact on teacher and staff well-being.

ICMATs behaviour outreach service has been running for two years and has become well respected and valued by our mainstream colleagues.  We know that each situation is different, that each child will have specific needs and support packages must be tailored to meet these individual needs.

We use evidence-based Interventions and outreach support that have been proven to be effective in behaviour support, staying up-to-date with the latest research and incorporate best practices into the outreach service delivery, remaining relevant, credible and in touch with the needs of schools and their pupils.

We also understand the need for upskilling staff and ensuring that they feel prepared, trained and equipped to offer the support needed to the child themselves.  We are committed to working alongside school staff, modelling and upskilling colleagues to successfully manage the needs of the children.  This makes up a significant part of our outreach offer, we do however understand the value and importance of relationship and in order to work with a child we recognise the need for us to establish these relationships ourselves, taking the time to really work with a child and model how progress can be made, how a child can be taught to self-regulate and how the adults around them can successfully co-regulate.