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The Rowans AP Academy

Inspiring change for a brighter future


At The Rowans, reading is a fundamental factor in a pupil’s education.

It is essential, as we know and understand the importance of reading to support improvement across the curriculum.

We aim not just to improve reading ages but to engender a love of reading. Reading for pleasure at the age of 15 is a strong factor in determining social mobility. Indeed, it has been revealed as the most important indicator of the future success of the child.

Encouraging a love of reading is easy to say, but hard to achieve in practice.

To achieve this, we actively encourage our pupils to read as widely as possible, both fiction and non-fiction texts, in various lessons, reading lessons and also in one-to-one reading sessions.

During one-to-one reading sessions and dedicated reading lessons which all pupils take part in weekly, we choose literature that we believe our pupils will enjoy, but at the same time still challenge them to progress.

We keep track of pupils’ reading progress with simple reading assessments each term. If a pupil isn’t making the expected progress in their reading, we will use intervention sessions to support this.

Reading is crucial to success academically and socially. We strive to ensure that no pupil leaves The Rowans without this key skill.

We have worked hard at integrating reading into the curriculum and data reveals that for most of our pupils the gap between their chronological age and their reading age has been significantly reduced.

To find out more about Reading Interventions follow this link.