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The Rowans AP Academy

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School Feedback

Senior leadership teams, teachers, teaching assistants and support staff have given us positive feedback in response to the support that their pupils have received as part of our outreach service in the home school environment and at offsite activities.

"Thank you for the opportunity to reflect and comment on my experiences with working with ICMAT’s outreach team. At every step they have been supportive and proactive. I have been working with Jenny across our trust and she has worked tirelessly to ensure the children she is supporting have the opportunities to engage and succeed both in school and at home.  "

"Jenny has been flexible when supporting us and has adapted to the needs and the behaviours of the children we are working with. We have received reports and advice they have benefitted the children and the families. Staff have been able to learn from Jenny’s advice as well as shadowing her to learn ways to communicate successfully with challenging children."

"I have no doubt that the children Jenny has supported us with over the last year would have been permanently suspended if it wasn’t for the intervention and time that ICMAT has granted us. We truly appreciate everything you do and can only hope this service can be available to others."

"Thank you to ICMAT Outreach for your support for some of our children.  Charley and Jenny quickly build good bonds with the children they worked with and the children enjoyed the sessions; for some they were a highlight in their week.  The children opened up and were honest about their emotions in the sessions and it was invaluable support to enable the children to begin to learn specific strategies to enable them to regulate their emotions.  It also provided us with strategies to use to support them in class."

"I just wanted to thank ICMAT Primary Outreach again - Charley came in at the right time in everyone's hour of need and really helped support him and us as a school. You were a real advocate for him in meetings and we can't thank you enough!"

"The service received from ISPCC was outstanding and was invaluable for our child and staff.  I don't know where we would be without their invaluable work and cannot thank them enough."

"I’ve had Jenny supporting me with a pupil that I work as a 1:1 with and ever since I’ve had support from her, I’ve found it less challenging. Jenny has given me so many ideas on how to adapt around my pupil’s learning and needs. She has helped me to work out different ways to improve my pupil’s emotional regulation. We have worked together with my pupil to enable him to be able to access more within the school. Jenny also arranged for us to go and visit the sensory garden DEN project at the ICMAT site, which we really enjoyed. It increased my knowledge of enrichment activities and enabled my pupil explore new and different things that he hasn’t seen before. I am so grateful to have Jenny working alongside me, supporting my pupil. I really appreciate everything Jenny has done for us."

"The support we have been provided from The Rowans Outreach service has been absolutely superb- we have a pupil in our school with complex SEMH needs and the impact of their intervention has supported staff massively and the pupil. They have provided us with 'hands on support' on a weekly basis and, now that this child has made some small steps progress, are supporting across the school to develop provisions for other pupils', helping with our inclusive classrooms and school strategy."