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The Rowans AP Academy

Inspiring change for a brighter future

Student Council

The Rowan’s School Council

#Kindness     #Commitment    #Resilience

‘The Student Council is a voice for the student body, ensuring that all pupils views are heard’  

School Ambassadors

Student tour guides, school representatives

Tegan Jerry


Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Interventions for peers, peer mentoring, lead on the anti- bullying policy

Mya Daniel


Charity and Community Ambassadors

Raise awareness and money for chosen charities, form links with the local community, tuck shop

Sacha Rio Hayden

Our aim

The role of our student council is to listen to and represent the views of all pupils in the school, acting as a voice for the school community. The student council are keen to make significant contributions to improve the curriculum, enrichment and cultural capital within the school. They are given the opportunity to express themselves, represent the views of others and feedback to their peers.


Student council meetings take place once a term. Council members gather views and ideas from each form group, which help form the agenda. Minutes are taken during each meeting and then reviewed by Mrs May (the headteacher), who responds/actions points raised. The student council then feedback to the whole school.


In addition, each member of the student council has been given a role with a particular responsibility, ranging from Charity and Community Ambassadors and Anti-bullying Ambassadors to Learning and Engagement Leaders. Each of these teams is assigned a member of staff whose keys responsibilities for school improvement are linked.

Anti-bullying Ambassadors

Under the guidance of: Mr Hake

  • Create a student vision for the anti-bullying policy
  • Listen to and offer support and guidance for peers
  • Campaign to prevent bullying

Charity and Community Ambassadors

Under the guidance of: Miss Horsley

  • Raise awareness and money for five chosen charities
  • Form links with the local community
  • Survey the views of pupils
  • Help organise values days

Learning and Engagement Leaders

Under the guidance of: Mrs May

  • Interview new staff
  • Be student tour guides
  • Assist with visitor discussions
  • Survey views of students

Current achievements


Total raised

McMillan coffee morning


Wear it pink


Children in need


Key achievements of the student council in recent years?

  • Timing changes to the school day- pupils felt morning registrations, break and lunchtimes we too long, so the student council proposed shortening them. SLT agreed and reduced morning registration and break by 5 minutes and lunchtime by 10.
  • Reduced the amount of single use plastic in the school- After the student council attended the MYC conference about global warming they were keen to reduce the amount of single use plastic in the school. The council proposed replacing all single use plastic cups with recyclable cups and removing single milk cartons and replacing them with larger ones, meaning less were used.
  • Different food options at lunchtime- pupils in the school requested more options at lunchtimes. The student council raised this during a meeting and Mrs May agreed to offering filled sub rolls each day, as well as adding a hot meal to the menu every Thursday, which was greatly appreciated by all pupils.
  • Charity events and fundraising- The student council selected 5 charities that they wanted to support and raise money for throughout the year. The charity and community ambassadors supported in organising charity days and raising the profile of charities in the school.

We believe in the importance of giving pupils opportunities to develop and demonstrate their leadership skills. Our ambition is to develop a range of personal, emotional and social skills so our pupils are able to thrive as members of the community and succeed in the workplace. Such leadership opportunities provide pupils with the chance to develop decision making skills, to understand the nature of commitment and responsibility, and raise their self-esteem and build their confidence.

Student Council Lead – Mr Ketcher