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Food and Nutrition

In Key Stage 3 our students will be encouraged to eat healthily, prepare and cook everyday meals they can produce for themselves and their families.

The recipes are designed to use seasonal ingredients which introduce the students to a variety of healthy meal options ranging from breakfasts to family meals and desserts. Students will demonstrate food safety and hygiene throughout their practical lessons. Emphasis will be put on the student presenting their dishes to a high standard.

In Key Stage 4 our students follow the AQA unit award scheme in food technology. This scheme offers learners the opportunity to have their achievements formally recognised with a certificate issued by AQA each time a short unit is successfully completed. There are no constraints on how long a unit takes or how many units can be achieved. It allows the student to be motivated and engaged in worthwhile and meaningful tasks. Our students will work from entry level up to level two over the academic year.

Students demonstrate how to safely use equipment and follow fire evacuation procedures while cooking. They produce a variety of dishes using a range of skills and techniques that they can use now and in later life to feed themselves and others.

Department Staff:

  • Subject Teacher: Mrs Redford

KS3 Students in action

KS3 students gaining essential life skills during their cooking lessons

Accurate measuring

  Accurate weighing


Reading the recipe


                    Holding the knife correctly and safely. Claw grip.


This term of the new year the pupils look at different dishes that would be served at breakfast time.

American pancakes


Fruit Salad

Breakfast Bar

KS3 making sausage rolls


Liam making an all-in-one cheese sauce for their macaroni cheese.

KS3 getting into the Christmas spirit making Christmas cakes.





KS4 Students in action

Here are KS4 preparing and cooking dishes from around the world.

For this unit they had to prepare and cook three different dishes from a foreign country. They have cooked a Dutch apple tart, Chilli con carne and rice, Moroccan Chicken tagine and Red curry chicken kebabs. The staff who tasted their food thought it was amazing!

Moroccan chicken tagine


Red curry chicken kebabs


French Apple tart


Chilli con carne


KS4 decorating their gateaux