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The Rowans AP Academy

Inspiring change for a brighter future

House System

Our newly designed house system aims to be an integral part of our school community and provide pupils with a sense of identification. To support this aim the school has put in place a vertical House system which has three core values: Healthy competition, ownership and determination. Every pupil and staff member at The Rowans is assigned to a house.  

The four houses are:

  • Titans
  • Gladiators  
  • Warriors  
  • Spartans

The house names were chosen by pupils at The Rowans, who then designed logos to represent each house.

The Rowans Houses:


Head of house Mrs Keeble
House captain Riley
   all, fear none.
Team colour Blue



Head of house Miss Harris
House captain Bob
House motto Winning is habit, success is choice.
Team colour Yellow


Head of house Mr Taylor
House captain Jason
House motto Winners don't wait for chances, they take them.
Team colour Red


Head of house Mr Hake
House captain Luke
House motto The true champion believes in the impossible. 
Team colour Green

House points:

The House system focuses on celebrating success. When a pupil makes excellent progress, demonstrates excellent behaviour or learning, or makes a positive contribution to the school, they will be rewarded with House Points. These points all tally up towards the house total and help determine the overall winning house at the end of the year. Throughout the academic year pupils also have opportunities to participate in a number of inter-house competitions, where points can be gained for their houses.

Mr Ketcher is the House Coordinator who leads all of the activities that Houses become involved in. He is supported by the four head of houses, Mr Ketcher is always happy to hear new and creative ideas from pupils, parents and staff for activities that Houses can become involved in.