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The Rowans AP Academy

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To view or download our policies, click the links below.  If you would like a paper copy of any of the information on our website, please telephone the office.

  1. Accessibility Plan.docx
  2. Administration of Medication Policy.doc
  3. Anti Bullying Policy .docx
  4. Arson Prevention Policy.doc
  5. Attendance and Punctuality Policy.docx
  6. Bereavement Policy.docx
  7. Behaviour Inclusion and Relationships Policy .doc
  8. Careers Education Entitlement Statements 2022-23.docx
  9. Careers Education & Work Related Learning Policy 2022-23.docx
  10. Charging and Remissions Policy.doc
  11. Child in Care Policy.docx
  12. Child on Child Abuse policy.docx
  13. Complaints Policy and Procedures.doc
  14. Conflicts of Interests Policy.docx
  15. Donations Policy and Procedures.doc
  16. Educational Visits (EVC) Policy REVISED.docx
  17. Emergency Lock Down Policy.docx
  18. Equality Objectives.doc
  19. Equal Opportunities Diversity and Cultural Competency Policy.doc
  20. Exams Policy .docx
  21. Exclusion Policy.doc
  22. GDPR Data Protection Policy.doc
  23. Health and Safety Policy .doc
  24. Home School Communication Policy.doc
  25. Literacy Policy .docx
  26. Mental Health Policy .docx
  27. Online Safety Policy.docx
  28. Photography and Filming Policy.docx
  29. Positive Handling Policy .doc
  30. Prevent Policy.docx
  31. PSHE Policy.docx
  32. Pupil Premium Policy .docx
  33. Relationship and Sex Education Policy.docx
  34. Remote education provision information for parents.docx
  35. Remote Learning Policy.docx
  36. Safeguarding (whole school) Policy September 2022.docx
  37. School Provider Access Policy 2022-23.docx
  38. School Uniform Policy.doc
  39. Self Harm Policy.docx
  40. SMCS Policy.docx
  41. Social Media Policy.docx
  42. Special Educational Needs (SEND) Policy.docx
  43. Statement of Procedures for Dealing with Allegations of Abuse Against Staff.doc
  44. Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs Policy .docx
  45. Teaching-Learning-and-Assessment-Policy.docx
  46. Virtual Trust Meetings Policy .docx
  47. Visitor Protocols Leaflet.docx
  48. Whole School Food Policy.doc
  49. Whistleblowing Policy.doc
  50. Work Experience Policy 2022.docx